Electrical Data
Voltage (V) AC 12V
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Current (mA) 740
Power Factor (λ) >0.5
Starting Time (sec) <0.5
Warm-up Time Up to 100% of the Full Light Output (sec) Instant full light
Product Data
Lamp Base GU5.3
Product Wattage (W) 8
Equivalent Wattage (W) 41
Reflector MR16
Beam Angle (°) 36
Colour Temperature (K) Warmwhite (2800K)
Colour Render Index (Ra) Ra82
Colour Consistency (SDCM) <6
Dimmable 100-10%
Energy Label A
Operating Temperature -30°C to +40°C
Switching Cycles (times) >1000000
Mercury Content (mg) N/A
Weight (g) 91
Application Retail, Hospitality
Performance Data
Max. Luminous Intensity (cd) 1100
Total Luminous Flux (lm) 430
Luminous Flux in 90° cone (lm) 380
Rated Life (hrs) 25000
Lumen Maintenance at the End of Lamp Life (%) ≥90
Product Dimensions
Diameter (mm) 50
Length (mm) 62

Driven by 12V Halogen Transformer Capable of linear dimming from 100% to 10% when working with most conventional dimmers for incandescent lamps or halogens. The rated lamp life, rated luminous flux in 90° cone, total luminous flux, rated beam angle and rated wattage are equivalent to their nominal values shown on product packaging. There is no measurable output from 180nm to 380nm, so the chart shows only 380nm to 800nm.

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